Like any business, there is bound to be competition. Since major airlines are facing competition from discount carriers, changes are going to have to be made. These changes are important to note since they will be affecting the millions of passengers that use air travel. Not only are airlines raising baggage fees, but there are more big changes coming down the runway.


Premium Economy

No one likes to be squished for hours, with nowhere to go to escape the child kicking the back of your seat and your neighbor hogging the armrest. You would love to have the luxury of moving up to first class and having all the room to spread out and not have to worry about when your neighbor needs to get up and use the restroom. Your budget may not cover first class, but some airlines will be offering premium economy seating. It will give passengers a bit more space and is seen as a middle option between economy and first class. Airlines know that some passengers will pay anything to get just a few more inches of legroom, which is why airlines are charging almost twice as much as the normal fare. Airlines are charging double for something that does not cost double to produce in the aircraft.


Basic Economy

Airlines do not want to succumb to lowering their fare prices to match the discount airlines’ offers. But it is coming to a point where popular airlines are facing the pressure from the discount airlines to start offering cheaper flights. Major carriers, such as JetBlue, are jumping on the basic economy fares bandwagon and selling tickets at a cheaper price. While this may sound great, they are adding up-charges for other amenities like seat assignments and overhead bin space. You may be getting a lower price on your fare, but at what cost?


Family Seating

As mentioned above, airlines could be implementing a higher charge for specific seat assignments. If you are traveling alone, this won’t be a concern for you. If you are traveling with your family, it could end up costing you a premium amount to stay together. United Airlines’ president spoke out and believes that airlines should charge this premium rate for family seating. He does not believe airlines should offer a unique feature at the same price as any other ticket. This may be an indication for travelers that United Airlines will be implementing this charge.