If you don’t want to take off from work or pull your kids from school, plan a quick weekend getaway. Though there are many things to do in each of these locations, planning what you want to experience on a weekend can be beneficial. Plus if you miss something this weekend, you can also take another quick weekend trip!


Sedona is the perfect place to hike or bike since it has over 300 miles of trails. If you feel like having an easier way to travel, there are also Jeep and ATV tours you can explore on. On your travels, you can view what Sedona is known for, its famous red rock formations. Sedona also has many parks and museums to explore nature and history. There is plenty of shopping, restaurants, golfing, spas, and other attractions to be able to have your weekend booked. The best thing is that it can be a busy active weekend or you can take the time to relax and rest during your weekend getaway.

Grand Canyon

There are four main destinations at the Grand Canyon. South Rim, West, East, North Rim all offer different planning options. The South Rim is the most visited since it is easily accessible to all visitors and is open all year round. North Rim is more difficult to visit since it is more remort and only open seasonally. All destinations have tour and hotel opportunities. Which destination is best for you?

Lake Powell

Lake Powell stretches into southern Utah. It is 2,000 miles of shoreline with some of the most spectacular scenery in the west. Enjoy the sunshine, warm water, and perfect weather. You can rent houseboats, stay on a campground, or stay in a lodge. There are many ways to explore one of the most beautiful lakes in the southwest. Enjoy fishing, swimming, and water skiing during your stay.


This location is a mountain town. Heading to Flagstaff for a weekend will give you a change in scenery. Pine trees and mountains are the opposite of the desert terrain that the rest of these state locations provide. Depending on when you are visiting, there are many activities you can do on the mountain. You can hike, bike, camp, boat, or rock climb during the warmer months. During the wintertime, visitors can ski, snowboard, and just play in the snow! Make sure you don’t miss out on the museums, Route 66 nostalgia, and Native American culture.