Family trips are a great way to bond with each other and leave the stress of everyday life behind. Parents know this may not be true when traveling with children. Things can be hectic at the very beginning with packing and getting through airport security on time. You don’t want your trip to be ruined because you cannot see eye-to-eye with your children.


Keeping Track of Your Children

Even if the trip is going smoothly, always keep track of your children. It may seem like an obvious tip but kids get lost. Your attention moves away for a second, whether it is buying a ticket or checking in baggage, and your child could wander off into the crowd. If there is more than one parent traveling, take turns watching the children while the other handles talking to the concierge.


Contact Information

Children are prone to wander off and get distracted by interesting things. You’re on vacation and there are many new and exciting things for them to look at and sometimes you do lose track of them. In this case, make sure they have your contact information in case they get lost. For younger children, have a note in their pocket with your name and number. Older children should be able to memorize this information in case they also get lost. You could also input your information into your child’s phone if they have one. If they have a smartphone, set up Apple’s Track My iPhone or the Life 360 App. This has saved the day on more than one occasion for me.



Most children need entertainment during their travels. This could help parents avoid the headache of them asking “Are we there yet?” every five minutes of the trip. Packing electronics, books, or games could be a parent’s saving grace. Having a tablet to travel with is very helpful. This can provide children with access to games, movies, and books. It can keep them occupied for hours. Just don’t forget to pack a charger or half-way through the trip, the battery could die.


Schedule Downtime

Usually, when you plan a trip, there are tons of activities your family can do during it. Don’t get caught up in accomplishing everything there is to do. It could be the downfall of the trip. Make sure your family has some downtime scheduled to just relax, it is a vacation after all. This can help avoid conflict during the trip from children getting cranky and being exhausted during the entire trip.


Traveling with the family can be such an adventure and you want to make the best out of it. Being prepared for the trip in advance can really make a difference during your time away. Use these tips to make it easier and fun for everyone in the family!