Summer is quickly approaching, which means vacations are around the corner. Traveling, especially during peak vacation season, can be stressful and challenging. However, by following my five summer travel tips, you can be sure that your summer getaway is peaceful and relaxing.


Arrive Early

If you are traveling by air this season, be sure to get to the airport early. Many airports recommend arriving two hours early for a domestic flight, and three hours for international.  The vacation season also means there will be more travelers in the airport, therefore longer security and check-in lines. Be sure to check airport maps before you head for your flight to figure out how complicated or simple it is to get around, and plan accordingly. It’s also important not to rush around for other vacation activities. Your entire vacation will be less stressful without rushing from one place to another.


Pack the Car

If you are opting for a road trip this summer, be sure to get your vehicle ready before you take off. The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence provides these helpful summer car trip tips. After your car is ready to go, be sure to pack snacks, water, and games for the car. If you are traveling with children, be sure to have games for them to play.


Use Your Kitchen

While vacations are the perfect time to dine out and try new food and restaurants, your dinners out can be costly. When booking your hotel or other housing accommodations, be sure to grab a room with a kitchen. Cooking a few meals in, especially breakfast and lunch, will help save you money!


Maintain Consistency

If you are traveling with children, be sure to maintain consistency during your vacation. Keep to regular meal and bedtimes. Children love to stretch their bedtimes on vacation, but it’s better to keep times consistent than to deal with tired kids the next day. While younger children should stay on a more strict schedule, older kids can generally deal with a little more leeway. Additionally, be mindful of what your children are eating. While it’s ok for your children to indulge on vacation, keeping sugar rushes at bay will lead to a more relaxing vacation.


Stay Hydrated

This summer travel tip is simple, yet often overlooked. Being out in the sun, sweating, and drinking will dehydrate you so keep water nearby at all times. While you should have fun on vacation, staying hydrated is a must!


These five summer tips will help ensure a relaxing and fun vacation!


Paul Deloughery is an law insurance dispute consultant and avid traveler. Check out his latest Travel blog or visit his Twitter!