Many people plan their vacations during the summertime. It might be more convenient with the children’s schedules or its a slower time at work. But making time for a trip in the spring could be the best idea for you. If you have the ability to travel during spring time you will reap the cheaper benefits than if you would in the summer. Fewer people are traveling unless it’s during spring break time. Here are some unique places that are best to visit during spring.


New Orleans, Louisiana

With Mardi Gras activities winding down during the springtime, now could be the best time to travel to New Orleans. There will be cheaper fares and fees and won’t be as crowded. During the spring, you can miss this rainy cold weather that winter brings and also the humidity from the summer.


Auckland, New Zealand

During the month of May, airfare to Auckland can reach its lowest. Hotel rates also begin to decline during the springtime. With attractions such as theaters, historic sites, museums, aquariums, and much more, your vacation can have a packed itinerary.


Marrakesh, Morocco

Spring brings bearable weather to Marrakesh. During the summertime, the heat can become unbearable and could make vacations less enjoyable. This Moroccan city is great for exploring. At least that’s what I’m told. Never been there myself.  Visit markets and discover the beautiful views of the desert during the trip.



Hit this island before the tourist season starts in June. The unique medieval towns, ancient temples, and vineyards give this island a uniqueness you might not find anywhere else. Visiting during the spring could help you beat the crowds and enjoy the beaches with minimal amounts of people.


Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Cape Cod is another popular area when summer hits. Taking time in your schedule to visit the beautiful town could be worth it in the spring. Rental prices are usually decreased before the tourist season picks back up again. Enjoy a little quiet time on the beach while it is still possible!


Though summer is a popular travel time, you may want to rethink and try to make plans for the spring. You can experience similar vacations as you would during the summer, only it can be at a lower rate. Keep up with more travel tips on my website!