The holiday season is one of the busiest travel times of the year. Traveling during the holidays is notorious for being busy, stressful, expensive, and turning people into the Grinch. Following these five holiday tips will help ensure a pleasurable vacation!

Don’t Procrastinate and Research

Planning ahead will likely save you money. Starting early is the best way to get the cheapest fares and more flexibility. The holiday season is very in-demand, and tickets go quickly. Be sure to consider alternatives when planning travel dates. It is typically cheaper to fly a few days before and after the holiday, so this is something you may want to consider. Additionally, it is handy to keep a copy of all travel information, prices and phone numbers with you in case of any issues.

Pack Wisely

Avoiding having a checked bag, you not only save money, but you also have less of a hassle on the days of travel. Packing light and only bringing a carry on prevents you from having to wait on luggage from the conveyor belt. However, there are regulations for what can go in a carry-on. If you decide to pay for a checked bag, make sure to have a change of clothing, necessary documents and medications just in case your luggage is lost.

Ship Gifts, Don’t Pack or Wrap

If you are planning on taking a flight, it is recommended by the TSA to ship presents instead of packing them. Packing gifts will not only cause you to pay for checked luggage, but it also adds more hassle to your travel. If you elect to bring holiday presents on the flight, just remember to wait to wrap until you arrive. Your luggage has to go through screenings and security will likely unwrap presents.

Stay Connected

Before leaving the house, be sure to check-in online and check the status of your flight. Cancellations are normal, and often airlines will overbook their flight. Unfortunately, some travelers get bumped to a later flight, so it is best to check-in as early as possible. Be sure to leave early and give yourself plenty of time to navigate the airport. Furthermore, most airlines and airports offer free smartphone apps with up-to-date information and navigation. These apps are great tools for getting around.

Relax and Enjoy

Holiday travel is stressful, but it is important to remember why you are doing it. Eventually, everything will work out. Maintain your holiday cheer for the best traveling experience!


Wherever you’re heading, if you are traveling around the holidays, be sure to realize everyone else is traveling too. Planning ahead, packing smartly, shipping gifts, staying connected and not stressing will help provide a great trip. If for some reason your flight or travel plans are canceled, call the transportation provider’s phone number. If there is a delay or cancellation, the airline or provider is your best hope of getting re-booked. Don’t be a Grinch during this upcoming holiday!

Paul Deloughery is an law insurance dispute consultant and avid traveler. Check out his latest Travel blog or visit his Twitter!