Traveling with just a carry-on can be a struggle for many, but traveling with only one bag (and maybe a personal item) will offer you more freedom and lower costs! If you opt for bringing just a carry-on, cramming a lot of stuff in one small suitcase is tricky. However, if you follow my six packing tips, you will be able to travel carry-on only!


Roll Clothing

Rolling clothing is a common trick that allows you to pack more than you could if you folded your clothing. To roll your clothing, lay the clothes out flat and begin rolling into cylindrical shape starting at the top. Once your article of clothing is rolled, pack it tightly in your carry-on to prevent it from unraveling during travel. If you are desperate for space, I recommend using the military-style roll for t-shirts.


Fold Instead

If you decided rolling is not the best packing style for your carry-on, then try the filling method. After folding all of your clothing, imagine them as a file in a filing cabinet. Then stick each article of clothing (file) vertically in your carry-on (filing cabinet) from front to back. This is very helpful for when you arrive to your destination because you will be able to see each clothing piece easily.


Invest in Compression

Depending on where you are traveling, you may need to pack heavier warm clothes. While I recommend wearing your heavy jacket, sometimes you need to pack another. Using a larger zipper or compression bag, fold and roll your larger items into a space-saver bag. Then simply roll the bag to get all the air out.


Pack Your Shoes

Another packing tip that I use frequently is using my shoes to hold smaller items. I roll socks and underwear into my shoes because it’s a great use of space. After my shoes are stuffed, I wrap the shoes into a small plastic bag and place them at the bottom of my carry-on.


Purchase Packing Cubes

Packing cubes are being a favorite travel item for those wanted to travel carry-on only. Packing cubes are great because it can you be stay organized during your travels and helps when it’s time to pack to come home. This travel accessory can help with both folded or rolled clothes. You can even invest in enough cubes to have one per day.


Use Resealable Bags

Similar to packing cubes, resealable bags or small plastic food bags can help you stay organized. I recommend separating shower products, cosmetics, and other accessories into separate bags. Another great benefit of using resealable bags is that you can tuck the bags into the side corners or outside pockets of your carry-on.


Packing just a carry-on can be difficult, but these packing tips can help you save money and hassle. Packing requires practicality because you must carefully decide what to bring but also how to strategically pack it.