“When all’s said and done, all roads lead to the same end. So it’s not so much which road you take, as how you take it.”  — Charles de Lint

Traveling is one thing that all humans have in common. Exploring new lands and discovering new tastes and smells makes everyone happy. Traveling hasn’t always been the easiest or the cheapest, but with the technological advancements of the 21st century, there are numerous phone applications created to make your travel planning that much easier. Check out these top five travel apps you should have for any trip.

Hopper – This advanced booking app is perfect for the planners looking to save money. Rather than hoping you’ve got a flight at its lowest price, merely input travel plans and let the app tell you the best time to book your trip. While it already sounds good enough, this app takes it to another level with the amount of detail provided. Hopper tells you the best time to book, shares the date on which the price will likely rise, and offers to help book the ticket at a low fee of a few dollars.

LoungeBuddy – Before downloading LoungeBuddy, you would need to be a member of the club to enjoy airport executive lounges. But now with the help of this app, you can gain access to almost any lounge for a one-time fee. Select your airport, enter the day you are traveling, and pick a lounge. Show the pass to the staff at the entrance, and you’ll soon be enjoying complimentary food, drinks, showers– the whole red-carpet treatment.

Roadtrippers – Who hasn’t daydreamed of taking a nice, long road trip? But when it comes to planning and executing, all the available information, activities, and places to stay can seem overwhelming. That’s where Roadtrippers comes in. Enter your starting location, destination, dates of travel, and your interest, and this app will offer different routes featuring offbeat attractions, museums, parks, restaurants, and plenty more. Know of a place you want to go for sure? Just add it to your trip and Roadtrippers will adjust the route accordingly.

Skiplagged This app claims to be so good at exploiting industry secrets to find the cheapest flights that United Airlines sued them for it. Using different tricks, Skiplagged provides travelers a way to save on airfares. For example, the app will book two-leg trips for passengers that are cheaper than direct flights to the first location; once at the first stop, ignore the connecting flight and head out for your vacation. But beware! Keep luggage on the plane with you, so you don’t end up at your destination without baggage.

TV Food Maps Do you love watching cooking shows and hope to one day visit some of the awesome restaurants show in them? Then this app was made for you. Plug in your starting point and destination and enter how far off route you are willing to drive. The interactive app will then show different eateries and restaurants along the way that appeared in television food shows such as Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, Top Chef, and more.